Sashel Goji Natural Eye Cream – Eyelids & Lips For All Skin Types -30ml


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Sachel” Goji cream is a nutritional complex with more than 20 active 100% natural ingredients, mainly Goji fruit extracts, chestnut extract, shrimp brine extract, as well as ginseng and Tribulus extracts.

Promotes and prevents the elimination of wrinkles at any age, including mimic wrinkles at a young age as well as deep wrinkles, eliminates herpes on the lips in various stages, prevents redness and swelling, helps eliminate the vascular network, nourishes and moisturizes the skin at the cellular level. Improves blood circulation in the eye area. Contains the maximum natural factor SPF 60

Sashel Goji natural cream is suggested :
Reduces wrinkles
Moisturizes and nourishes the skin
Prevents photoaging of the skin
It is recommended to use the cream in the morning for hydration all day and at night before bed
Suitable for all skin types.
The cream does not contain synthetic or chemical ingredients and is hypoallergic

Instructions for use: Take the cream on the finger, apply on the upper and lower eyelid, on the eyebrow area, and on the cheekbone area, distribute with massage movements. The cream is in concentrated form. To get a lighter texture of the cream, when you take the cream, apply a few drops of water on your finger.


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