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Altai Natura is a company of herbal products and food supplements originating from Altai, Siberia, and is based in Thessaloniki. It is an innovative production of unique products based on highly efficient natural raw materials. The Altai of Siberia is famous for its production and utilization of raw materials generously offered by Mother Earth, making valuable products with the signature of nature.

Our main direction is the development of Health and skin improvement products with products exclusively of natural and plant origin. All products of the company are produced exclusively from natural ingredients without the use of synthetic chemicals. The geographical location – on the border with Gorny Altai – allows using the rich natural resources of the flora and fauna of the place as the basis of raw materials. Each product with the Altai Natura ® logo becomes a new discovery in the field of dietary supplements and cosmetics.

The collection of natural raw materials is carried out manually by specialists – geologists, biologists, who at the place of collection of raw materials with the help of special equipment determine its authenticity, for the maximum quality of products it reaches your hands. All the raw materials of our products come from Siberia . This is one of our secrets that allows us to maintain the quality of the product at the highest level.

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